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Claes Oldenburg


Swedish sculptor, who, side by side with Andy Warhol, is a symbol of American Pop Art. He uses daily life and commercial objects and transforms them into references of our times. The “Gardeners’ shovel” placed in Serralves Gardens is a symbol of the modern world, a metaphor of the massification that characterizes our era.


  • "After all, Oporto, in order to really honour its name, is, above all, this large lap, open to the river, but that can only be seen from the river, or rather, only through narrow gaps closed within walls can the voyager lean to the open air and live the illusion that the whole of Oporto is Ribeira." (José Saramago)


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    Júlio Diamantino Ferreira de Sousa Cortez
    RNAAT – Nº 32/2016

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